Hi there!

I'm Karyna and it's nice to find you here.

I’m a Miami-based graphic designer — who is also an illustrator, yoga lover, dance lover, plant lady, twinkly lights lover – and did you say mint chocolate anything? 

It’s my intention to work together as your designer and brand stylist in creating the foundation for your company’s visual identity. Designing a smart, stylish and distinctive brand identity gets you noticed and helps attract the right clients. It is key to show them and others how serious and experienced you are. Great design and branding serves as a visual foundation and accurate reflection of your personal business intentions, aspirations, and professionalism. 

It is also my continued intention to take this foundation and my specific skill set to help you achieve continuous specialized professional branding. The goal being to help grow, elevate and represent your company with design services for digital and printed materials, as you so need and choose for the highest and greatest good of the project and your business.

Think of me as an addition to your arsenal; a special resource in your tool kit. Think of me as your personal in-house designer. 

I have over ten years experience working alongside advertising agencies, boutique-style design studios, and personal freelance clients, partnering both on-site and remotely. I care about the small details and the big picture, creating amazing work with both visual impact and a targeted focus of client needs. Always meeting project goals professionally and on-time, my strengths also include the ability to build and maintain solid relationships when I take a client on (such as yourself), really caring about your goals, needs and what's best for all projects and businesses; bringing ease, creativity, leadership, commitment and focus.

This design and branding process is not only necessary for a brand, but also fun and we can work together to achieve yours!

Interested in working together? Have questions? Get in touch! Send an email and I'll soon be in contact; I'd love to hear from you.

EMAIL: KarynaAmador@gmail.com

Also visit and connect here - say hello:

INSTAGRAM  (did I mention I hang out here a lot and looove it)




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